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Well, the re-write is going on, nearly half way through it and I've added roughly 3,000 words so far. Total is now 26,378 and if I keep this up, then just the simple act of re-working the script, fleshing out details, adding more dialogue, improving the readability and generally putting in the extra effort to re-craft the book, would have added another 20-ish% to the book.


Of course, there are things that have also been cut. Sentences that didn't read right, or flow properly. It isn't really an exercise in deliberate padding for extra words ... it's something worthwhile to do when the ideas stop flowing for a while. And it will be re-worked another few times as well before it is done. And then passed out to beta readers, and then their feedback entered on another re-work, etc.


For now, it's a small bit of progress in the evening before I hit bed. More to do tomorrow night. For now, however ... sleeeeepppppp.......