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I wonder how many times someone has blogged that about a book they were writing, rather than reading?


The re-work is going slowly. Total word count just breached the 25,000 milestone, but I know a few hundred of that is the research, and I've done a little work on the preface and conclusion.


But seeing the word counter go that far is a bit of a psychological boost. It's a theoretical half way point. A few thousand short of a real half way point, but there's something comforting about the numbers.


Been a heck of a day. Fortunately, as this was day one of the nastiest set of gas works on my commute, the traffic disruption hadn't got in to full swing yet; so I made it home in reasonable time and I'm sat here, in bed, wine glass to my side, eating away at reworking chapter four piece by ... am I? Yes ... chapter 4. By piece.


Do a few sentences, then do something else. Do a few more sentences, then write this for a bit. Difficult to concentrate when I know I should be asleep conserving my energy for a battle of a meeting tomorrow. I already know it isn't going to end well.


25,080 and I'm going to finish the wine and call it a night.


Re-writing is something constructive to do when no new material is coming forth. Although the plot is mostly known, (the bones) it takes a particular frame of mind to put the meat on them. So when that frame of mind just isn't there, it makes no sense to push it. Rather go back over what has been written so far and make it better.


Running the sentences in the head; reading them mentally aloud and seeing if everything flows. Sometimes swap some words around here, or completely re-work a section if it feels or reads wrong. Even cut words out if they don't serve their purpose. But it is boring work.


There is a limit to the number of times I can read a book, before I literally can not read it any more. Companion came out a year ago, and I still haven't been able to pick it up and read it again. If I was to guestimate on the way I feel now, I reckon it will be at least five years before I will be able to pick up this series and read it, like any other reader might.