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3pm check in

The story itself has progressed apace. I've got to slow it down.

I added a little more, did some research and then decided to re-work the whole thing. There are places where I know I want to extend the dialogue; I've penned the key, humorous quirky bits, but it has to be paced properly. Also, there is another BDSM play point where I want to insert another descriptive scenario. So I knew that this was coming anyway.

The story has reached a natural break. All the drama in the story is settled for a period of about a year, students have their noses in books, people have businesses to run and households have to be kept in order, before the summer break comes around again and all the sparks fly once more. So now is an ideal time to go over everything I've already written.

Chapter one is 3380 words now. It is quite an emotionally heavy chapter and manages to completely re-cap the core of the series under the guise of the memories being revisited during a funeral. Well, it is called, "To The Grave," after all, so I'm not exactly spoiling anything.

I've also introduced another thread for trouble making later on in the story. Aren't I a sneaky one!

The research stands at 690 words, 24,454 total, which is now 23,764; and I've re-worked about a quarter of the book so far.

And now, I have to go spray the attic.