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9:00am check in.

22,986 words. That not only encompasses what I've written, but also I've deleted notes from the end of the document, that I use to record dialogue that comes to me, that I want to use later on, so as I write, it eventually morphs with the book. Of course, when key events are written in, the reminder notes get deleted. The current plot and dialogue notes account for 470 words.


I've been having some fun with dialogue. Two chapters where three characters end up revealing things to each other, and negotiating terms of truce. Coffee gets spluttered and a little bit of comic dialogue ensues. Obviously, once the manuscript is finished, I'm going to have to re-visit this for pacing and flow. This is one of the key things that has improved as I've been writing. Stiff, formal prose has become more of a fluid way in which people speak. I've also become a little more adventurous with breaking some of the rules, which I'm finding has to be done with abandon in order to work in a comedy dialogue ... timing is the most important element in comedic execution, I believe.


I just remembered one of the set ups from book three in the series. Although I don't end the books on cliff hangers, I do put various pieces in the story line that link in to the next book; and one of them went completely out of my head. I've just remembered it, so I'm currently threading it in to the very first chapter; and it will re-appear at various points.


I finished my tea and have also downed a tall mug of filter coffee. I've taken a break to check on the weather and it looks like there will be no chance of painting the fence today, so the book will likely take the most of the day. I'm just waiting for Mum to leave for church and then I'll start on the youtube video; that'll be another job out of the way.


Now, however, I'm feeling hungry. There's salad stuff in the fridge; including beetroot. I hate beetroot, but I know I need anti-oxidants so I'm learning to eat it. Yeuch. I'm also a messy eater and betroot stains like crazy; so that helps me in my justification for hating it. All this sitting around writing hasn't helped my weight, so cutting down on meat and fatty stuffs is important. So ... off to the fridge for a nice, energising salad. Yeah, right.