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Michelle Knight. Writer, photographer, programmer, truck driver and general, all round nut case. Life is a journey and that's what this blog will probably end up being. Let's see where we go, eh? ;-)

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Interesting chat

As part of the test bed for my books, the women in the snack shop where i get my lunch some days, have been given copies. After all, they like a good bit of ... er ... reading material as much as anyone!


They have just started book three of the Submissive Heart series and they could instantly tell the difference. The practice I've been getting and the feedback have obviously resulted in improvements in my writing.


The comedic touches, especially the twist at the start, seem to have won praise, as has my story telling. They haven't got to Check Mate yet (the fourth book I've written) and I'm currently writing the last book in the SH series, which will be the fifth book I've written and will take me eventually to quarter of a million published words.


Basically, I'd have just got my eye in, and settled down to firing the literary cannon, before hanging up my quill.