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Review - Taming Tigers - 4 out of 5 stars

Taming Tigers - Daisy White

The story is definitely a breath of fresh air. White's travelling seems to have given her access to cultures and traditions which are outside my usual reading, while staying on this planet and in this time zone. It was a very welcome change for me.
The blook blurb at the back gave everything away, while giving nothing away; if you know what I mean. The way things were panning out, I thought I had the whole thing stitched up by the end of chapter two and was getting a little blasé; so when the sucker punch came, I was completely unprepared. White took me on a journey that I wasn't expecting, with flashes of education and mysticism that were mostly wrapped up at the end.
So, where was the star lost? Time. You know when a story gets to those all important moments, when the skin of the ripe fruit is peeled back and you want time to slow down so that you can savour all the sweet juices and embed them in to your memory ... unfortunately, it doesn't happen here. In fact, it sometimes speeds up. Near the beginning when the two protagonists have an emotional argument, it seems that flips are done from one sentence to the next and the juicy bits are dried up in one quick suck of the fruit. There were also time slips. For example, on page 53, the protagonist is facing the day turning in to night and had a flash back to her mother teaching her survival skills. Then, the sun is beating down on her bare head as if it was suddenly mid day. I found myself asking questions of what happened during the night? How did her training help her with this? I was knocked out of my comfortable groove.

Conclusion; a refreshingly different read. White missed some opportunities to wow me, but it was a story with twists that I didn't see coming.