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An ass on LibraryThing

— feeling bad smell

There is an area on LibraryThing for people to hobnob with the authors. That's what they've titled it.


Some twit keeps pointing me at the page for author behaviour on the site, and I received another wall message from them this morning, saying nothing but that link. They haven't told me what the hell their problem is, which leaves the field wide open. Looking at their wall, it seems that they've appointed themselves to be a member of the police on that site, or something. I've posted a longer response to them...


OK rybie2, my last comment to you apparently got deleted, so I'm going to write it again, and keep writing it.

You obviously have a problem with me. Exactly what that problem is, I don't know because all you can seem to speak to me is a link to a page which supports what I'm doing, "LibraryThing is a place to connect with readers, not a place to advertise."

This is the modern world, where readers want more from their authors. They want to know what drives the words that are written, what the experiences are which formed them, fueled the imagination or the accounts and details.

So whatever problem you've got with me, you'd better start articulating it and not just posting a simple link.

I've had a hell of a life. I've had people who have denied me jobs and income simply because I am transsexual. I've been denied medical treatment, housing, kicked to the curb and then some ... simply because of who and what I am. In some places in the U.S. I would expect to be shot. In some countries, I'd be hanged.

So if you think I'm simply going to cow-tow to someone who can't even articulate what they've got a problem with, then you're in for a disapointment, because I come here with a shit load of bruises from people like you, and I'm not going to take it any more.

So ... whatever problem you've got ... it's your problem ... not mine. And if I've broken some rules then you'd better tell me what they are, because as far as I can read from that link; I'm doing just fine.


Somehow, I don't think my ass is going to be long on that site.