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If you want to know me, grab this quick

Over on LibraryThing, there is a section for authors to connect with readers. So I thought I'd start a thread there. I've been writing it for a while, and finally put the last touches to the conclusion this morning while in bed, waiting for my friend to wake so we can start on today's twelve mile walk.


However, some people seem to have missed the obvious; an author and their words are one. I summed it up with this post, but if you want to read the whole thing you might want to grab it before the mods destroy it, and then read it at leisure. Personally, I find it sad that people seem to miss the obvious. They profess to love books and all about them ... but haven't got a clue when it comes to the most obvious ... the life and experiences of the person that actually wrote them, the drives that made them put finger to keyboard, and create the words that are between those covers.


This might mark the end of me on LibraryThing ... depending on the bile I get back from the original posts I suppose. We'll see.


But there's no accounting for people, I guess. Full post is here - https://www.librarything.com/topic/194834


So the conclusion here is ...

This is a place for readers to connect with authors.

But in order to connect with my work, you have to connect and understand me.

For those posters earlier on who don't get this, I can only quote some words from Schelly's song...

"So love me love my dog
We've lived the road too long to break up
Love me live my life and travel through this land"

If you want to talk about my books, my writing .... you're talking about me, the life I've lead, and the life I'm striving to lead.

You can't separate the two, and to do a proper job ... you have to make the effort to understand both.