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It's showtime...

It's about 5:30am and I've just woken up.


It was a long night last night.


When you work in I.T., you have to take the rough with the smooth, and that includes working on systems when no one else is using them. That means late nights. I've been known to work until 4am, crawl home, get a few hours sleep and be back at my desk at 10am. That just the way it rocks.


Last night we threw the switch on a piece of work that's been two years in the making. Nothing too arduous, but a journey that has involved a number of different companies and has taken a number of wrong turns; so it is important that it goes smoothly this morning.


I.T. supports our customers, and it enables our customers to serve their customers, so if something goes wrong, there are complaints that come straight down the line, amplified a few times. People appear to shout loudest when other people have been shouting at them. Not the best environment in which to attempt to solve a technical situation ... when you've got a customer screaming blue bloody murder in your ear. But that's the nature of the beast; I'm used to concentrating when I've got an anxious manager breathing down my neck.


So, this morning, I've got to put on my big girl boots, head in to site and stand back and hope that the automation that we've programmed, kicks in and everything works.


My nerves are on edge, though. My stomach is in my throat. Thanks to the wrong turns on this project, a lot of angry eyes are on us, and if something does go wrong, it's yours truly that has to spring in to action ... so right now I'm wound tighter than a ... fuck ... I can't think of anything else that would be wound as tight as I am right now.


Time for coffee, breakfast and the I.T. technicians prayer. "Oh, goddess of the electron, please don't let the brown substance with the pungent odour come in to violent contact with the rapid air movement device."


Welcome to I.T.


And you wonder where I get my twisted humour!