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Paying For Our Internet Voice

— feeling beaten

When you get things like this - "Invisible rogue mobile apps are wasting petabytes of data a day through an advertising hijacking technique researchers say could inflict US$1 billion in damages this year."


...it is no wonder why companies are thinking about where they place their adverts and where they spend their publicity revenue. To date, it has been the lifeblood of free services, allowing the little guy to have a voice among the big guns ... but that could be changing.


I've said this for a few years now, as I've believed that the day was going to come, but I never envisaged it happening this quickly... "YouTube wants to get paid in a new way, and Chief Susan Wojcicki is pushing ahead despite questions about the plan."


It is no wonder, when you read other things like this, "Ten months after the behavior was first spotlighted, Google continues to charge its advertisers for "free clicks," thanks to a partnership that sees its ads served onto a well-known example of online pop-up-ware."


So what the heck is going on here? At its most basic, the advertising companies are being charged for adverts that aren't actually being delivered to human eyes. Or even delivered very effectively. So they're getting edgy; and rightfully so when you see the amount of money we're talking about here.


What YouTube are doing, is trying to move their dependence off the advertising money and on to subscription services; making the viewers pay. Now, in itself there's nothing wrong with that, however, their bullying attitude is a real problem.


What they're doing, is a forced version of what Amazon did with authors and the Kindle subscription service ... with the exception that YouTube are saying, "If you don't join the subscription service and take the corresponding hit in your income stream that this may mean for you ... then we'll kick you off the service completely."


Now THAT, is damn scary. Especially when you consider what this may mean for some channels because this will be the real test ... how many of the worlds freetards will actually stump up subscription money? This will all become apparent when we have more details as to how this is going to work ... but one thing I'm not expecting, is for Google to actually release any details on the actual numbers of subscribers. Talk it up, yes. Talk it big, sure. Actual numbers? Hmmm..... unless they charge the whole community a subscription even to be able to post vlogs on the service.


This could get very, very messy IMHO.