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Review - Airwolf - 3 out of 5

— feeling angry

Airwolf. Hmmm.... what to say?


My own comic credentials are relatively week and somewhat specialist. I have a copy of, "V for Vendetta," and also the telephone books for, "Cerebus." That should give you an idea of my taste. I came to Airwolf as I watched the show when broadcast and have the DVD's of the first three series. Recently I also got hold of the twin CD of the themes. When I found out there was a comic, I had to check it out.


Firstly, I thought it was only available on Amazon (I converted to Kobo last year) and Comics Plus (iOS), neither of which were any good to me. So I e-mailed; but the e-mail I got back was unintelligible. Anyway, I managed to get hold of them in PDF after taking a chance on a purchase, so 1 out of 10 for purchase ability and customer service.


The comic? Well, everything just got weird. The colouring is stunning, as some of the artwork clearly displays. However, the characters lost their human charms and went all, "stereotypical."


The main story also went off course to include nano-technology, advanced AI, cloaking devices and buggered if I really recognised anything other than the core names and rough locations of the actual TV pilot.


The pacing was well off, with some of the characters looking like they had more in common with a preying mantis than human beings. I mean, look at those fingers and posture. I mean ... does the character to the left look like Stringfellow Hawke to you? It doesn't to me!


Air battles weren't very well sequenced. Things sort of merged and I wasn't quite clear who was supposed to be firing at who. There was so much tech that appeared to come out of nowhere that I couldn't take this seriously.


Quality, 4 out of 5. Storytelling, 2. If LionForge ever make another Airwolf comic, then I won't be buying it. Also, this has put me off buying anything from them again ... oh, and I'm one for reading the terms and conditions of purchase ... and some of them made me choke on my coffee.