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The History & Arts of the Dominatrix - Anne O. Nomis

Rather than attempt to do a piecemeal approach, I'm going to shift to chapter conclusions on this. There are five chapters and an Afterward.


Chapter 1 consists of a little over seventy pages and nearly four of those are endnote references. This isn't some lightweight book of opinion. This chapter, with pictures of various historical artifacts, sums up the move from matriarchy to patriarchy; and the role of the Abrahamic religions in swinging the pendulum from one side, to the other.


The Goddesses and Priestesses were, however, overthrown by the establishment of religiously institutionalised patriarchal male control over private property and male bloodlines. By controlling female sexuality, whereby women were property passed from father to husband, legitimate offspring would be ensured along with guarantee of paternity. Chastity before marriage was enforced. Adultery and sexual acts outside marriage were punished.

Women came to be excluded from high positions within clergy. "Priestesses" have been unheard of in the Western world and the Middle East for centuries, with the Anglican Church being one of the few that allows women as priests - and not without controversy. Meanwhile religious advice and rulings issued forth from male priests and clerics on topics from contraception and abortion to limitations around women's clothing, and obedience and submission to husbands in marriage.

The Dominatrix poses threat to the social order - to male dominance - at the same time, she arouses. When I came to write this book, I was interested in the taboo effect of the word. Indeed it was kind of a taboo of a taboo (of a taboo), layered up and upon itself.


It makes no bones about what we are facing in our society today; the same chemistry that we have faced for centuries. The pendulum is swinging back the other way, however. Religion is being exercised by educated people who refuse to believe priests without evidence to back up their preaching; and also prosecution of men and boys who enact a mythical, "male privilege." I say mythical because privilege is something that is granted by law, and their sexist actions are illegal in Western laws.


(and if I sound bitter in that last paragraph, it is because I have been on the receiving end of abuse, so I make no apologies for my views.)