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If you're a lover of the series and remember the high impact theme tune, then be aware of the obvious; that this goes beyond the snippits that signalled the opening and closing of the show! The best way that I can describe some of Jan Michal Szulew's oferings on the first CD, is different flavours of the extended opening with some chord/key changes, until the heavier instruments kick in later down the line; as a good chunk of this music was used underneath action scenes and if it was powerful all the time, it would impact on the story line. Although some, like, "Pilot Season 3 Journey To Red Star," are fast pumping from start to finish for a good few minutes. (That track is going in the car!)

Although the second CD continues along the synth-ish feel of the first, the tracks are the episodic themes by Mark J. Cairns, so have distinct flavours to them; some containing guitars, etc. (although the initial track does happen to be, "Airwolf II.") "Jennie," has a touch of a Mexican flavour, for example, and there is the Eagle's Cello Theme which is presumably based on the character Stringfellow Hawk's seranading the eagles on his cello at the log cabin. (and at the tail end of, "Proof Through The Night," where is found, "Poljusko Polje.") A number of the tracks do feature the base synth undercurrent that hints at a flavour of the helicopters involvement.

The booklet inside the CD case contains details and some nice photos, some of which include the main cast and their doubles, (Yes, even Alex Cord had a double!) the three of the team, Jan-Michael, Ernest and Jean Bruce Scott in flight suits; Jan-Michael and Ernest together, etc. - shame they're not larger! The run is also limited to 2,000 copies from http://airwolfthemes.com/ but I couldn't easily see any issue number; not that it really matters to me, being honest, I didn't look that hard.

My package also came with seven, "Bonus Collector Cards," which weren't listed on the web site, but I'm grateful to have them! They contain, "CD sized," copies of Roger Shore's painted artwork. Actually, it's six cards with the seventh being, "The Lady In The Lair." :-)

So, why four out of five stars? It's a mix. If you're not overly a fan of Airwolf, then this is likely to be a three out of five due to the repetition and what might seem, to some people, to be an unacceptably high price (£30+P&P) ... but if you're a real fan of Airwolf, then trust me ... this is going to score off the charts!!!