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Review - Grumpy Old Menopause - 3.5 out of 5 stars

Grumpy Old Menopause - Carol E. Wyer

OK - where to start? The book isn't burdensome, about 92 pages. I'd highly recommend taking the time to peek at the preview fully.

It's a mixture of advice, giving you both a heads up on what to expect from the menopause, and some practical ways in which to cope; some of which require a braver heart than others! However, it does this while mixing in a dose of humour. I mean, who would have known that you can buy such a thing as a menopause gift hamper and that there are gift guides for what to buy the menopausal woman in your life?! Seriously!

Of course, humour is subjective. My mother could never understand Peter Sellers; but there you go. If you're heading for the time of wine and whine; if the spring on your body clock is starting to run out of energy and the cuckoo is tweeting the changing of the guard... (yeah, that didn't make much sense to me when I wrote it, either)... then you could do worse than this pocket of laughs.

Seriously ... I'd go for this as an advice/suggestion book first and humour second. Good advice is hard to find sometimes; but can also require courage to follow through. A number of the pre-made one-liners are creaky, but Carol's own wit is like a comedic ninja; it sneaks in there unexpectedly. Like the serious conversation around the suggestion to have a spray bottle of water in the fridge to help with hot flushes; it suddenly ends with, "Alternatively, you could remove all the shelves and food and then sit in the fridge when you get hot."


There are a range of things in there; something for everybody and Carol has tried a chunk of them herself; well, maybe not the sitting-in-the-fridge part. Or maybe she has. I wouldn't put it past her!

Some of the pre-made jokes sailed straight over my head. "Q. As people get older, do they sleep more soundly? A. Yes, but usually in the afternoon." Tumbleweed rolled and there was the gentle hiss of wind.

The four star is for the advice; otherwise the mixed humour would have come in at a three. Carol's at her best when the humour is all hers. Check out the preview and see if this book tickles your funny bone first.