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An independent tale of woe

It has not been a very fruitful time for me in my hunt for a local book shop. The nearest town to my home is Lindfield and I tracked down the book shop to find a sign, on a wall, pointing to an empty premises.

One heavy sigh later, my work locations were to be my next haunt.

Horsham. A cultured place. Ah yes, news in September 2013 of an Indie bookshop moving to Swan Walk. Advertising itself as Daisy White, a showcase for independent authors. 'Great!' thinks I. A quick trip to the web site reveals ... a blank page.

OK then. To Worthing! Sadly, Kim of Kim's Bookshops had passed away the previous year. That left me with Optimus Books in Ann Street.

So I donned my jacket and marched down there, preparing to launch myself through the door and give them a hearty, "Good morrow shopkeep! Tell me, my good Sir, I need to avail myself of your knowledge. I am a person who partakes of the Pratchettesque sense of humour and, as all his works already adorn my shelves, I was wondering what else you might have on offer for the discerning customer who prefers to follow the persuasion of jollity."

Sadly, it was not to be. Where the book shop once stood, there is now a tattoo parlour.

I have e-mailed both Daisy White and Optimus, but while I haven't had any automatic domain rejection notices, I don't think that the news will be positive. We'll see.


UPDATE - A response has been received from Daisy; the active web site is here - http://www.daisywhitesbooktique.co.uk/


Yay independents!