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When going to work is a welcome break

Busy weekend. I finally finished book three in the Submissive Heart series. Only one more book to go and the series is done and dusted. "From The Cradle," went to the publisher last night.


On top of that, I reprogrammed my author web site. I thought it was going to be the end of this year, but somehow a harmonised colour pallet came to me and, with a bit of extra graphics work and coding for the pull-down menu structure, it didn't take long to port the existing pages and re-write some of the text that I'd written. Not the flashiest site in the world, but it'll do for an author site I reckon - http://msknight.co.uk/ - the conversation with the publisher about cover art should now just be the usual straightforward mechanism and then it's down to him to format and publish. (and sort out an ISBN, and get the printed version organised, and get five copies to the library, and ... yeh ... publishers don't have an easy life either!)


Lastly, I started working the feedback for Check Mate in to the script. It was at 45,000 words and went to a few people for their feedback. Tonight I started working their suggestions in to the script and once I've finished that, then I need to pad out another few thousand words ... some of the inspiration for that will be down to what people tell me is missing; what they'd have liked to have read more of. So I reckon that in a few weeks, that will be done also.


Tomorrow, I'm going to work for a welcome change in pace!