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50 Shades of Fucked Off

I haven't read E.L.James' books, or watched the film.

I've had to deal with the aftermath of friends, colleagues and others who have read it, known I'm a BDSM lifestyler and have come to me for help dealing with it. And boy, have I had to put some people straight on a few things.

Honestly, I thought this was over and done with and that E.L.James had moved on to pastures new. However, that is apparently not the case. She has re-hashed the original book and is due to release it, based on HIS viewpoint.

You know ... my RB web site has been up for thirteen years trying to put right misconceptions about BDSM. I've corresponded with MP's, Lords, CPS, Home Office, in a vain attempt to get some common f'ing sense in to our legislation. However, when I'm up against fictional crap like this, my own tired little voice doesn't stand an f'ing chance.

No, us BDSM lifestylers are apparently doomed to be perceived as portrayed in the pages of E.L.James' much derided fiction.

Why did I ever bother to stick my head above the parapet? Eh? Anyone? *sigh*