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Passion. That's what I think makes the mark between a good author and a great author.

What do I have to back up that assertion, you ask? Well you might have heard of Joe McNally, renouned photorapher for National Geographic - http://portfolio.joemcnally.com/#!/index - Just take a look through his portfolio and you'll see the kind of things he's created with a camera.

Here's how you may never have seen him before, playing a mean solo sax in "Squib Cakes - Tower Of Power 1989 at the Bottom Line NYC" - youtube.com/watch?v=d9gT1Utz5aQ - that was back in the days when he had hair (ahem! Sorry Joe!) - Actually ... that might not be Joe McNally, I think someone steered me wrong, but I have to admit that Steve Grove back then does look like McNally would have at that age, rocking a mullet...

The guy's passionate and driven artistically.

I think that's why I don't push myself to write when I'm not in the mood. Because what will come out is crap. If there's no passion, there's no spark to my fingers ... at least I think that's true of me.

Where does your passion come from?