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Adult works need to be part of everyday discussion - or else...

In case you thought that the UK was a democracy, think again - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/15/case_against_gchq_scrambled_by_under_the_radar_legislation/


The explanatory notes that accompanied the act make no reference to the true impact of the change. It appears no NGOs, Regulators, RIPA Commissioners, the Information Commissioners Office, Industry, or the public were notified or consulted about the proposed legislative changes. There was no published Privacy Impact Assessment. Only the Ministry of Justice, Crown Prosecution Service, Scotland Office, Northern Ireland Office, GCHQ, Police and National Crime Agency were consulted as stakeholders. There was no public debate.


The government have already put through the Extreme Pornography Legislation hidden inside the Justice and Immigration Bill. The Scottish government put anti-pornography legislation through hidden inside a bill on air rifles and now this law was put through without the public ever getting the chance to know what was coming.


There is a strong anti-sex movement in authority circles in the UK, and they have shown themselves to not give a damn about public debate. There is a very real possibility that the literary world could wake up one day to find that a certain section of its world has been hacked off ... and vigilance won't save us when things like this are done below the radar.


Various book fairs have rejected me because I write on adult subjects; it is considered not appropriate for a public forum where children could attend.


The only defence against this IMHO is to actually create spaces for debate and to raise the profile of adult works, as if society doesn't have an ongoing thread of debate then government will see itself as having carte blanche to pass laws against the written word and by that time, it would be too late to organise a protest.


If we keep adult works in a nice little corner out of sight and out of mind, then they become a target. They need to be a part of regular discussion.