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On people, gossip, E.L.James, Clarkson and The Queen

I've come to the realisation that people like to gossip. They want to bitch and moan. They want to talk trash about something, to put someone down; that's where they get their fun. Sure, people who have read, "Companion," have enjoyed it ... or at least that's what they've told me (actually, if they thought I had written trash, then a good number of my friends would stand toe-to-toe with me and tell me so, and wouldn't pull any punches ... well, maybe some of the softer ones.) ... but they TALK about Shades ... (and other things, of course, that's just me drawing the obvious example.)


E.L.James has, in herself, left an impression on me. There's been a lot said in the press about her, whatever her real name is; I forget. But there has been a change in her since the original, giggly schoolgirl interviews. There were pieces and video and interviews with people who worked with her throughout the film project. Despite going from hard-working rags to riches, she maintained a level head. Bought herself a nice car; not too flash but nice, donated a chunk to charity and bought a nice house. However was still mindful of the money spent on "roaming minutes," while in the US working on the film, that sort of thing.


Doesn't change my opinion of what she's written ... or rather should I say the opinion of other people's opinion on what she's written; as what I've heard has put me off the books and film for life. However, thats why people are drawn to Shades like moths to a flame. They want to bitch and moan; and that's more a statement on them, than her, or me, or anyone else really. I also don't think that her next book will be much of an improvement; the literary vultures will be the first to tear her apart, as they did wassername when she did something outside Potter.


I mean, heck, I'm actually in danger of liking Jeremy Clarkson. I've been reading more about his personality, about what he stands for, what he believes in. Sure, he's got an "intellectually" foul mouthed, violent way of going about stuff, but he recognises he is the dinosaur. He is the one who turned himself in, who told his fans to calm down ... heck, if he had told that lot to go get 'em, then the dogs of war would really have been set loose. More people give a damn about him than do the bloody election!!! But he does care about stuff. Like being green for example, but doing it in a gradual way rather than a big bang, do-it-all-now sort of approach ... and I respect that.


Couldn't give a toss about Top Gear, though. There's been discussion in the office about the show and at the end of the day there is a group of people who love to watch old caravans being hoisted in the air and and left to smash to the ground. And I admit to appreciating that point of view. We need a bit of negativity/wanton destruction/pain in our lives as has been pointed out ... my preference is for whips and chains ... theirs is a bit of smash bang ... and there are others who get their soul balance elsewhere to boot. Live and let live.


The BBC had to let him go, though; we are in an age where privilege and status has let people get away with serious stuff like child abuse, so rich privilege is an attitude that we are having to rip out of our society, like the cancer it is ... it's just that steak-gate was on the edges of that and, to be honest, what I'm reading gives me the impression that everyone on the inside appreciates that as well ... if not some of the hoard that are bitching about it ... 'cause people like to bitch and moan about something, as I already said.


Personality is the main reason why I'm fond of The Queen. She's reported as frugal, careful, thoughtful and considerate. She does a lot to balance the books and keep some gems of the country running on not that much money when you think about it. She also represents Britain and has a tough time doing it; some of the insults that dignitaries from other countries have heaped on her, would have made lesser people start punching other world leaders on the nose. You can imagine the press headlines there!


Personally I believe the monarchy itself gives Britain an advantage in the financial world in that if our parliament falls to rack and ruin and internally we fail to maintain cohesion, that there is a backstop, someone to officially take the wheel until things sort themselves out ... and there's a lot to be said for that no matter what people think of her as a person ... but personally I have a lot of respect for her.


So my conclusion is that my books will go nowhere because, although I walk on eggs sometimes, I don't hop. You know ... I'm fine with that. If I can pay off my modest mortgage someday before I have a heart attack, that would be cool, but I'm not about to court the gossip mongers in order to do it!