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Difficult Decisions

I'm going to come off the general writing discussion and get a little closer to the works that I'm currently writing, for this post. Book three of the BDSM series is proving to be difficult.

The people who check the books over before I go to final edit, are getting bolder with their criticism. That's not actually a bad thing in itself, they're getting more comfortable about telling me what they think and feel, which is great. The problem is that chunks of this is now conflicting and I have to resolve the confliction and work out where the middle line is.

Everyone has so far picked up on the obvious, that the ending is currently rushed. I let them know that I'd left a few thousand words gap in there to insert extra, as I knew more would be needed, but the question is, where.

I'm also having problems with the ending because the story involves two people who are BDSM players who then have children; and I spend very little time around children. In fact, extremely little time. The most time I spend is when a pregnant colleague brings the newborn in to work for everyone to coo and aaahh over; so my empathy factor is near zero.

It is one of the things I have been conscious about for decades; even with the transsexual side of me in the nineties; in order to enjoy the ability to have a public voice, some things must be given up in order to not court the pointed fingers. Spending time with children is one of them. After all, I'll never have any of my own.

However, BDSM parents is a big thing; hence it is a subject that I feel needs to be covered. It's just damn difficult when I have no empathy with children and I am very reliant on other people's advice and direction to be able to finish this correctly; and when some of that advice conflicts in itself ... gah!

So the completion of book three won't be as fast as I thought it would be ... not if I want to get it right.

In fact, I'll probably get, "Check Mate," out the door first. That is proving to be easier to write. A lot of emotion and fast action, which is always tough to expand and also make feel real, but more easily doable.