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So ... what gives?

To those who are kind enough to follow my rantings, I owe you an apology.


The stuff that I've been posting lately hasn't been up to scratch, and that's because I've been preoccupied.


As well as working my nine to five, with a horrible commute, I've been working on a Sci-Fi book and also handling a crisis half way around the world.


The Sci-Fi book is called, "Check Mate," and I'm already 30,000 words in, after just two weeks of spare time. A comedy Sci-Fi with some drama and tears thrown in. I'm looking forward to finishing it. Aiming for 60,000 words. I was hoping for 80,000 but I think that's an ambitious target given the straightforward story line and characters.


I'm hoping that it will eventually generate enough cash to get me from the UK to Cincinnati and help out a friend.


Someone I've known for a number of years, hit a really rough patch. He was basically left with no ID, no cash, no bank account, no phone, no income and he is disabled. How that happened is a long story which, with 20/20 hindsight it is perfectly easy to see how it all just fell in to being.


Basically, his common law wife of 16 years just abandoned him in that state. I've been doing what I can do support him emotionally and financially so that his stuff can get to a safe place and he has enough food in his stomach and taxi fare in his pocket to get to a shelter that will actually have the facilities to get his disability formally recognised and get him somewhere new to live.


A few other people have helped out also, sharing the emotional load, some of the financial burden and being a source of precious advice which gave a desperately needed light at the end of the tunnel.


He's going to have a heck of a journey to write up when he's eventually safe. Having no bank account means that transferring money via something like PayPal was useless because he had nowhere to draw it down to. And no phone made things even more difficult. With no ID, that meant no services could be provisioned. We had to get creative ... and then some!


So the last few weeks have been absolutely nuts. But ... all is now in place. Replacement ID is in his hands. He has a working phone. His stuff will be shifted to secure storage tomorrow and there is a little cash in his pocket. He also has food. No bank account yet, and he has to go through disablement to get an income, but that can now fall in to place in due course.


At some unknown point in the next few days, I'll lose touch with him as the end of the month comes up. His services will get cut off and he is on the street. At that point, all I can do is sleep sound in my warm bed, worrying myself sick as to what the heck is happening to him. It will only take one night to get too cold, and his story could end and I wouldn't even know about it.


So ... that's what gives. Crazyness. Emotional turmoil, tough decisions and seat of the pants stuff.


And for once in my life, I wish to hell that this was fiction. But unfortunately it isn't.


So stick with me, please, and the normal level of crazy that is me, will be resumed once the background level of insanity drops to an acceptable level.