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Review - Fury - 2014 film

This is going to be damn odd, reviewing a film on a book review site, but I feel so strongly about this, that ... what the hell.


The 2014 film, "Fury," directed and written by David Ayer, staring Brad Pitt, Shia laBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal was stunning.


It depicted war in the most ugly, real, gruesome, honest, moving way I have ever seen it. The cinematography was breathtaking. I wish I had seen this in a theatre.


Of course, the Americans win, but it managed to depict humanity and ruthlessness on all sides of the equation including the civilians. It demonstrates the brutality of man versus machine ... as my friend said, "it does depict the power of mechanised weaponry when it hits people; something that is now common but when I was a kid people just went, ugh, and fell over." ... you see it all. Heads blown off by shells ... the lot.


If ever there was a film that stands as a reminder to the human race of how brutal, heartless and inhumane our race can be ... then this is, for my money, the strongest example I have ever seen.


At the end, my heart hangs heavy, but within my chest is the determination to do my little bit to make tomorrow a brighter day. It has taken me to the darkest depths, and in doing so, made me determined to work towards the light.