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On a serious note...

In book 2 of my submissive heart series, I tackled an important concept. BDSM and the law. Underneath it, however, a whole military catering size can of worms have opened up to reveal a nanny state in the UK who are trying to take away our rights and freedoms.

They are doing it by means of stealth. "For our protection."

The canary is already dead. Sexual freedoms have been falling steadily year on year in the UK, and officialdom has not rested.

The written word is very much on their radar.

Since Lady Chatterley's Lover caused turmoil in British courtrooms, officials from an older generation have not relented in wanting to see sexually explicit material and freedom of choice wiped from society. Of course, violence in our media continues to run rampant, unchecked and unmolested.

In 2010 Kent police attempted to use a highly charged case in order to entice decisions which would have had a far reaching and chilling effect on the entire UK literary market.




They haven't stopped there. Moves are afoot to criminalise controlling relationships. That would not only have a serious impact on those that enjoy power exchange relationships but would likely bleed in to our literature as well, with a very real possibility of a ban on works that promoted or depicted controlling relationships; something that would render a good number of story plots impotent for a lack of narrative conflict.

Now, they are doing it with female piercings - http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/31938409

- what this is saying is that a man who opts for a Prince Albert piercing can do so with no recriminations. However, a woman who opts for genital piercings is labelled as having undergone Female Genital Mutilation, thus officially stigmatising her.

Add in to this last years ATVOD move that disallowed face sitting on the grounds of suffocation, but allowed fellatio despite being a real choking hazard, and you can see where all this is going.

Women are being denied their choices. Officialdom is manoeuvring itself in to a position where it can legally pass judgement on a woman, deny her any sexual fulfilment beyond the satisfaction of her partner, and legally stigmatise her. It has done this under the guise of protecting those who can't make such a choice.

Be aware. If Britain gets away with this back door behaviour, you can bet that other countries will try it too.