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I need to find someone brave

I need to find someone brave. Someone with a public voice who's willing to take a chance on something new.

So far, I've had problems because my work crosses a number of genres and mixes truth and fiction. A challenge for all, reader and author alike.

I'm not a pushy person, I don't believe in pushing myself on people and saying, "Read My Book!" ... I've got a bit more respect for both myself and others than to do that.

Initially, I went through reviewers lists to see who had reviewed Shades. Surely they'd be receptive? Apparently not. The reasons were varied, but most of them left me thinking, "But how can you say that when you've reviewed Shades?"

Even the people who actively WANT an alternative to Shades seem to not want to follow through.

Perhaps I'm just too far out there with a mix that is too risky even for the reviewers that are actually saying, on their blogs, that they want something different.

I do know one thing; that if something doesn't happen, then any respectable publisher can't maintain putting effort behind something which no-one is talking about. Indies don't have the kind of resources of the big boys.

Well, if you happen to know a reviewer that is, actually serious about wanting something different to look at, and when they say that they wished there was an alternative to Shades, actually means it; then sling them this link - http://msknight.co.uk/behind-03.html - and point them in my direction - slave at realbondage co uk ... because when my small publisher calls it a day on the series, as any business must, I'll be damned if I'm going to Amazon ... this series will die and, based as it is on my life ... so will my heart.