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Michelle Knight. Writer, photographer, programmer, truck driver and general, all round nut case. Life is a journey and that's what this blog will probably end up being. Let's see where we go, eh? ;-)

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The Books Within Me

We all have books inside us. Stories to tell. As you know, I'm currently working on book three of the four book, "L" series about BDSM in the present day, (more on that series here) and I'm starting to work on, "The White Wizard," which is another fiction set in the world of old, where magic is worked by people who are in tune with mother nature. (That project is here)


But what else is within me after these are done? Here is what I envisage would be the "blurb" for the books that I'd be writing, if I actually had the time to write them!


So ... what books are within you? ... and why aren't you writing them!


The Day Religion Died - (fiction – present day)


It happened. The day that every religion dreaded. Science proved beyond all doubt that deities didn't exist and once people took on board the undeniable logic of the argument, the face of the planet changed forever.


Places of worship were abandoned. Prayer mats floated on the wind. Consecrated wine was left to sour and the global population had to find a new way. With empty hearts, the planet, as one, searched once more for the meaning of life; and everyone knew that it wasn't forty two.



A.A.I. - (sci-fi – present day)


The cycle began. An apple and a cream cake on a plinth. Measurements were taken and a computer algorithm made its decision. Up on a screen would pop the word, "Apple," beneath a continuous stream of apple. The researchers pondered the human element, the thing that allowed someone to look at the apple and the cake and, even after deciding that the apple was the better option, to nevertheless reach out and take the cake.


What would it take, they pondered, to make the machine choose the cake?



Power Chess - (sci-fi - fifty years in the future)


Life is a game of chess and we have been programming our computers to play it for generations; each time honing the programs to work smarter, faster, with more efficiency and higher accuracy than ever before.


An accident saw two memory cards being swapped over. The most powerful game of chess ever written was accidentally loaded in to a new, experimental, highly agile military robot. From the moment they hit the run command, that robot had only one purpose ... to win the game...



The World Is Mine - (comedy – present day)


Throughout the ages, the human race has had its megalomaniacs struggling to take over the world. Knights were dispatched against errant squires and the likes of James Bond were sent to say, “niet,” to Dr. No. But it was inevitable that, throughout all these battles ... one of these super villains, would eventually succeed.


Finally, physicists would get an answer to the question of just how much pressure a super-villain could actually take...