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So what's all this about?

For twenty years I've talked openly and my ability to be frank and honest has helped peoples lives.


"Thank you for showing me that I am not the only one with such thoughts and needs,"


...among many others. Just yesterday I was thanked by someone, in person, who I had an open and honest chat with, seven years ago. In the in-between time, he had cause to use the insight I had given him, in order to help him deal with a problem he never thought he would have to face.


Companion is thus a collection of things that have happened to me and also people I have known. It is put within a fictional setting in order to make it all, "work," but the grounding is in reality.


Companion is thus many things. It opens two doors simultaneously; one to the fictional people that I created, but also a parallel door in to a reality which is right under people's noses.  It gives the reader facts; a touch of history and the leading points of consideration about the submission and domination which is within all of us. It was a foundation for what was to come.


For such a book to do all this, it was never going to be a five star novel. You can't take a reader to so many places in the same journey and sew it all together seamlessly. I did my best, though.


However, the reviewers don't want to put any impetus behind it and I wrote them two messages on the blog...



...chiding them for not doing right by society. Even though they are volunteers that chose to become reviewers, that doesn't mean they can cherry pick the best parts of reviewing and leave the grind that isn't so pleasant to eat. Books contain information and experience; and it is that which changes lives, and who are the reviewers to censor creative output?


However, turkeys don't vote for Christmas so I don't expect anything to change there. A fitting description of the situation given that this is December, I think!


I'm also here because another deception is going on within the book reading world right now. And we're all to blame...



  • GoodReads became a successful social portal and then was bought by Amazon, who have crudely monetised it, blocked off access to "buy" buttons on the book pages to competitors, and not telling, "customers," about the site's bias.
  • Customers are talking about supporting the creative artists (in books, music, art, etc.) but their actions are not matching their words.
  • Authors are taking the easy route to publication rather than hunting a publisher who will support them.


As a result of this, we are blindly, willingly and knowingly continuing to walk down a path which will see Amazon become the only major player in the market place and thus able to control pricing, burning the candle at both ends and enjoying, "milking," the market just like the supermarkets have done to our dairy farmers. Net result, everybody loses ... except Amazon, so talk with your stock broker today!


To my mind, independent sites like Book Likes, are going to be critical weapons against this madness ... as long as they can make this last step of allowing authors and publishers to add extra, "bookstores," in to the links for their books. Otherwise customers won't be able to exercise their choice and this madness of feeding the great giant Amazon will continue and, in the end, everyone will lose.


Did I say, "what was to come," back there? Yes. Book two won't happen. With the foundation lain, I was then able to build the house, expand the characters and bring some drama in to play. However, as I have just detailed; there are walls present that no sledgehammer can penetrate. These walls have to move of their own accord and, like I said ... turkeys and all that. So what's the point?