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Today's landings...

A couple of book orders arrived today.


First up was a collection of books from Page45, among which was comic of the month for last month, "Kingdom," by Jon McNaught. It also includes a gift for a friend, the Dr Who "The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor" and as I'm a Serenity fan, I decided to get the first Legacy Edition (second of the two books is on order) and I subscribed to the new series which has just begun. A, "Left Field," spur of the moment purchase was "Cicada" by Shaun Tan, but I've completely forgotten which section it was in, or why it got my attention. Expect reports in due course.


Another creation is, "The Firelight Isle," by Paul Duffield. He is one of the artists behind children's comic, "The Phoenix," which is worth looking up if you're in the UK, have a child and want to get something a little different for them. You can find them here - https://thephoenixcomic.co.uk/ - but in the case of The Firelight Isle, it's a web comic that you can read here - https://www.paulduffield.co.uk/firelightisle-tall - and it is presented in a vertical book fashion. If you want to back the future episodes, he has a Patreon here - https://www.patreon.com/paulduffield - but it got my attention because it is a venture into religion and society... which is a journey I've been on, personally, for thirty years. But even though I've personally concluded that I'm atheist, my mind isn't closed and I continue to ponder the issues involved... hence my interest in this work and where Paul will take it. The book itself will be reviewed in due course, event though I've already read the web comic.