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UK benefits undermining authors

In the UK, our social benefits system is changing.


A collection of various benefits, paid for various circumstances, is being lumped into one, "Universal Credit."


A number of now-famous authors, wrote their breakout novels while on benefits, and as the market continues to change, author earnings have been dropping at a significant rate.


The Guardian reports on an All Party inquiry into the effect that the change to Universal Credit will have on new authors, preventing those with time on their hands from putting themselves to work as the next generation of writers... further hurting diversity and new talent - https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/oct/30/universal-credit-could-silence-working-class-writers-mps-told

Solomon said: “We have a benefits system that doesn’t understand how writers work and now the minimum income floor means that authors may be cut out of the benefits system entirely.”