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Wonderful words

I gave a copy of, "Check Mate," to a friend at the pub. He leant it to someone else. This is what she's returned so far...


"I have just started the book, with some trepidation as apart from Dr Who, who I love, science fiction isn't my thing.  However I am almost half way through and the humour describing the various characters is hilarious.  I hope to return it by the end of next week, so hope that is OK."


It's feedback like that, which makes writing books worth the effort. I'm looking forward to her final report and I'm chuffed to bits that someone is enjoying it. I'm also impressed that she's "just started" the book and is almost half way through it already. I mean, I know the start is quite slow, detailed and technically sluggish, so for her to have made it through the heavy stuff and break through to the humorous sections is worthy of a medal.


Let's hope she likes how the story progresses, and the twists and turns that await her.