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It's snowing out the window, and raining in my heart.

I've just received an e-mail from my publisher. I won't go in to detail about what it contains, but it makes sense and I can't argue with it. There are commercial forces at work in a hell of a rough market.


The long story short, is that if you, as readers, like a book then please tell the world about it. Print on demand is expensive and there must be a clear market for a book now, before it will make it in to print. Amazon are killing CreateSpace in favour of Kindle, and along with it come a barrow load of changes behind the scenes.


Authors have been caught doing all sorts to game the system. Whether their motivation is pure greed, or just trying to find a way to battle against the one book that is published every minute in the US and UK alone (actually, more than one a minute if the stats I've read are anything to go by) ... whatever the motivation, it's still seen as a dishonest way to go.


But whatever way you slice the pie, that leaves authors at the mercy of our readers.


I've already said that no-one owes me a review. Even as a result of giveaways, if someone leaves a review, then it's a bonus... but it isn't something I expect, much less demand. However, that doesn't do away with the bottom line... if you like an author (even if it isn't me *cough*) then they need your support to grow and continue.