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An insight from others...

I do vlogs; throw my thoughts and experiences up on video channels for others to consider and comment on. Some of the conversations that happen between people sometimes give me a lot to chew on. Here's some of the conversation that occurred after I vblogged about the state of the book world these days... (I've put a text grab below the picture...)



The state of things is deteriorating rapidly here as well. For the past 8 years or so, since the recession came and never left, large historic bookstores have been closing one after the other. On the contrary, big department-like book stores are on the rise, selling mainstream novels and reading material "for the beach". We're talking abysmal levels of writing.

The resurgence of cheap romance novels is shocking, and they are heavily promoted on TV and newspaper ads. Quality literature has become an extremely niche thing, unable to surface and gain visibility for the wider audiences. The web and social media seems the only viable option for independent authors who value their craft.

In 2012, around my father's death, I worked for a Greek e-book outlet. It was quite eye opening as to what people choose to read. Between the football betting mags and the gossip tabloids, there were just a couple of outstanding book review journals, with excellent content. Their sales? Non existent...

This state of affairs is applicable to all the arts, e.g. music, literature, drama etc.  How the hell most people have the nerve to walk around proclaiming they are an individual, with an open mind and sophisticated or intelligent taste is beyond me.  The only "art" that is thriving is big business backed trashy, vulgar, empty, shallow and unimaginative crap that makes true lovers of genuine and sincere art weep in despair.  Sad times.... :-(

It surely has to do with the prevalence of post-modernism and the lack of proper education on identifying true value in art. You are forced to conform to whatever the combined coroprate-political status considers worthwhile.

Well you said something very important there.......conformity!  I myself have never conformed in life, which means my life has been very arduous and painful but I still refuse to conform!  I do what is right from my heart, NOT what the globalist agenda wants me to do or think.