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Michelle Knight. Writer, photographer, programmer, truck driver and general, all round nut case. Life is a journey and that's what this blog will probably end up being. Let's see where we go, eh? ;-)

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Wattpad - The Drabble

Well, part 4 is a completion of a, "drabble." They provide the first 25 words and I have to complete it, to hit 100 words total. Being 2014, they were celebrating the Philae landing.


"We landed on this pile of ice and dust expecting to find something that would advance our scientific knowledge, but what we actually found was a pile of ice and dust. I mean, what more did we expect? Serves our right. Wasted millions of dollars, years of effort, and for what? We could have taken a trip to a builders yard, stopped by the supermarket for some ice and had change from a sawbuck. Shame we didn't send Philae off with some gin and tonic. At least it could have celebrated its landing. Better than singing happy birthday to itself."