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Just spotted a 2 star on Companion

I'm not linking anything, because anything that anyone writes is their opinion and is fair. I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone. That's not how I like to roll. (although last time I checked, I do have red blood in my alcohol stream and am as human as anyone.)


From a look at the reviewers reading list, they are heavy in to their scene books, and Companion irritated them. That is to be expected, and I expect more of the same over the lifetime of the series.


The scene has no rule book beyond safety and trust. Outside that, people take what they want and leave what they don't. As such, I expect some of my harshest critics to be from within the scene. They said it was well written, but just not their kink and they didn't enjoy it. And you can't get fairer than that, ladies and gentlemen!


There are others within the scene who have been helped by the series, and others who have been brought to tears as they have seen themselves echoed in the pages. But there are yet more people who will not connect with it, and possibly a few who will actively hate it.


So I raise my glass in thanks to the reviewer for giving it their time, and wish them a pleasant journey. Not that they'll ever read this :-)