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A cup of tea, a bath and bed.

— feeling amazing

This is the first time I've properly unwound in a long time.

Writing and working is like having two jobs. Well, to a degree it IS having two jobs; only one of them comes with seriously flexible hours.

The nine to five grinds on and there are the usual household things to sort out. I've got to visit friends tomorrow, the soffit, fascia and one window have to be replaced with the added complication of a deadly form of asbestos. I've got a YouTube fan base that want to a review of my DSLR, and today I did the review video of the food I bought at the fair yesterday, coupled with a taste review of the garlic beer I bought. Yes, garlic beer. They get uploaded on Monday when I have access to a fast wire.

Yesterday was an early start. Up at 3:30am and finished the last 30% of the final review and merge in with the manuscript so it could be properly passed to the editor. A massive weight lifted off my shoulders, but I only had ten minutes to spare before I was out the door at 6am to get in to town and catch a train to London with a friend. The Good Food show was insane and so was the late train journey back again. My head hit the pillow at about 9pm-ish.

I have a friend in the Midlands. He is an accountant, he plays in three musical bands and teaches keyboard to a number of students. He says that I'm the only person he knows, who is busier than him.

And he said that BEFORE I started writing the books.

This, of course, leads to complexities if I don't organise properly. For example, tonight I just received a phone call from one of my three hairdressers to confirm an appointment on Monday that I either didn't have, had forgotten about, or somehow got wiped from the diary (it has happened)... so now I have two appointments booked. Confused? Yeah. Welcome to my life.

But as the latest book is now with the editor, it is off my shoulders for a few weeks. It is beyond me tinkering with it. That means there's a load off and I'm now back to the regular day job and the usual organisational annoyances. So here I am, in bed, with a cup of tea, having just enjoyed a relaxing, hot bath.

I won't deny that I punched the air in celebration when I hit send on the manuscript. Countless reads, re-reads, re-writes and consultations go on before the book gets sent to the editor. I don't work on an advance basis; purely sales. That means I don't have a deadline over my head... other than the one that I set for myself, and that only bends when life, word-blindness, weekend/evening work gets in the way or I just plain hit a writers block. If I hit a major problem with a work, then I can just mothball it with no consequence other than disappointment. I'm actually happier that way, because it means that I don't have to force myself to create a rickety, rotten rope bridge over a gaping plot chasm.

But my body knows that I've had bugger all to do this afternoon except catch up on social media and chill. And now I'm in bed at coming up to 6pm; my first appointment on Sunday is 11am and that can stretch to 11:30 with ease. So... goodnight.