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Life with an Autistic Son - B's Dad

Perhaps it is because I'm not reading for pleasure or leisure that I'm able to tackle this at work breaks. I don't have to switch out of logic, focused mode if that makes sense.


The first ten percent is really soul searching. How does a father love a disabled son? The torture and self doubt as he goes through the wrenching feeling of trying to connect, emotionally, with a child that doesn't acknowledge emotion.


How to interact with society when the child doesn't play by everyone elses rules and goes ape when his demands are not instantly met?


The burden on the family of the constant supervision required and the hopes they had for a bright future for their son, shattered.


I can't actually work out whether I'm spoiling this, or not; because nothing I can say here would in any way convey the emotion I'm reading here. This book is not so much one of events, but of a journey; if that makes sense.