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Review - Hush = Lush - 4.5 out of 5 stars

Batman: Hush - Scott A. Williams, Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee

I was going to put some spoilers in here to explain what I mean, and I even read sections again to make sure I got a few facts straight. However, I ditched that and wrote this instead.


This is some fucked up shit. You know when you invest in a character and, at the end of it, they turn out to be a no-good SOAB that you want to spit on and slap in to the ground ... yeah, that. There is also a chunk of mind control going on here as well, so it isn't so easy to tell who is doing what.


Face facts. There's more twists in here than a bag of fusilli. When you're dealing with the Batman universe, there's screwed up egos, heroes, villains, action, lore and dubious motivations aplenty.


I don't really follow the comics or know too much of the Batman universe beyond the usual TV episodes, so there were things in here that I didn't know about, but that didn't stop me being carried with, and enjoying the book. They seemed to know what I wouldn't know, and introduced some fill-in panels which explained characters and features that I would otherwise have been scratching my head over. Well, actually, they could have been introducing fresh lore here and I wouldn't have had a clue.


I will say this; that when the final, final, FINAL ending was revealed, (I may have missed a, "final," or two in there.) it did leave a little empty growl in the corner of my stomach. I was expecting something a little more meaty and intellectual than what came.


The art was impressive. As well as the stuff that you're supposed to see, there are also the things that you're supposed to not-see, if you know what I mean. Like early on, there's a fight between Batman and Killer Croc; and in the background is Cat Woman. Small enough to not be seen, but nevertheless ... you see her. That kind of plant takes skill.


And now ... finally ... (finally?) ... I can go to bed and get some sleep. This is panda eyes, signing out.