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More on the Tor Library thing

More details are emerging on what happened with the Tor exit node and the library in Lebanon, NH - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/09/22/cops_shut_down_tor_relay_for_a_month/


"According to Macrina, since the decision was made and following press interest in the saga, more than a dozen other libraries have inquired about adding their own Tor relay. What is clear, however, is that from a law enforcement perspective, Tor is viewed as a threat. They are prepared to recall the very worst aspects of human nature to persuade people not to embrace it.

It is, of course, a supreme irony that the Tor project is partly funded by the US government. Meanwhile, the NSA labels anyone who uses the network, or even searches for information on the network or similar online privacy tools, as a potential "extremist."