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Review - "Sex In Class" - TV program, UK

"Goedele Liekens, a United Nation's goodwill ambassador for sexual health, spent two weeks giving a comprehensive sex education course to Year 11 pupils at Hollins Technology College in Accrington for a documentary called Sex in Class."




Our attitudes towards sex, feeds in to how we treat each other as people. With youngsters taking their lead from internet pornography, the fictional, skewed stories they are seeing on the screen are feeding in to their attitudes. Young men thinking that women are pieces of trash, and young women getting the message that it is OK for men to treat them that way.


Banning pornography will never work. As a network engineer, I can tell you; forget it. The Great Wall of China stands testament to that. In fact, our society is just starting to wake up to the impact of the amount of personal information that is out there, and the control it gives governments and private corporations over us, and our lives.


Education is the only way forward; teaching the next generation what is right and wrong. It was a hard watch, but by the end of it the young people involved had a much more healthy attitude, and finally had a yardstick by which to measure and categorise the fiction they had been watching, and thought was normal.


One of the key examples was that the young men thought it was, "normal," to ejaculate on a woman's face after sex, and that any woman who refused this, was abnormal. The young women were reluctant to speak up to defend themselves. By the end of this, the young men had more respect for the women and were more interested in their pleasure; and the women had more of an ability to speak up for themselves; telling the men what they did, and didn't want.


It was also a personal shock, to find out how many of the young women didn't even know how their own bodies were constructed.


Top notch result by this program. My hat is off to all who took part in this.