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At the end of an indoor gaggle of shops in Swan Walk, in Horsham, West Sussex, stands the Pop-Up shop. There for six months, it stocks crafts. A few books, but not too many otherwise it might upset the other traders who also stock books.


The fact that you're unlikely to find any of the independent authors in the mainstream outlets is neither here or there. Politics exists in every aspect of trading and the big guns want as little competition as possible.


However, I met up with Daisy White; we shook hands and exchanged books. She has two of mine and I have one of hers, "Taming Tigers," which I'll review along with, "A Table in Berlin," and, "Touch Not The Horse," which are also by local authors .. so I'd better be careful as they're in close enough proximity to land a bunch of knuckles on my hooter if I'm indiscreet!


They will come after the Onassis biography, McMillan's, "Physical," and, "The Wake," which are ahead of them on the pile. I want to get through Onassis this weekend and find a quiet period to connect with McMillan's poetry. We'll see how I get on.