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Introducing Hive.co.uk

— feeling cool

UK independent booksellers are fighting back with on-line ordering site http://www.hive.co.uk/

It works by placing an order and then the system finds the closest independent book shop to complete your order.

If you wish to support a particular book shop, however, then you can easily just go to your Hive profile, edit it, and then feed the post code in that will get you to the shop you want to support.

This is more easily possible right now because the UK has a flat rate postal system for some services; it isn't dependent on the distance as long as you're posting within the UK. However, with other courier services putting pressure on the original post office monopoly, that might change.

It doesn't always work out more expensive either. I've just ordered, "Physical," by Andrew McMillan. Grand total, £7.39 including delivery.

Amazon want £9.99, which is showing a, "saving," of one penny; that miraculously takes it below the magic £10 for free delivery without using Amazon Prime. And of course, because I don't want to fork out for Amazon's subscription system, delivery knocks the total up to £12.74. Boo, hiss, Amazon.