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Review - The Art Of Loopy Dave - Five out of five stars

The Art Of Loopy Date - Loopy Dave

What do you get when you cross a sharp-witted Australian, with a graphic artist?

This book is dedicated to my friend Ellen, who many years ago said, "One day you'll have a book of your own artwork" and, as usual, she was right. Thanks for your wonderful friendship and support, not to mention art direction and input - this book is for you. Well, only if you are reading the copy I gave you, not the other ones. Other people paid for those and, as per the universally accepted rules of trade and commerce, they have a right to call that particular copy their own.

 That's right ... you get LoopyDave.


Now, art books are a bit of a quandary for the individual. The cost of these books can't be equated to everything else. You're talking about high quality paper and printing in order to reproduce art to an acceptable standard. You're also usually talking larger than average.


Given the equation below, however, you can gather that I was less than impressed when the back page of my book was turned over; somewhat denting the, "preciousness," of the work. You know how it goes, you just feel a little, "deflated."


Thus, the particular cost equations  come down to the individual. Therefore, if I told you that the book cost $25 but postage to the UK cost another $50, then that is something that you have to think about. Also, a number of the artworks here are on LoopyDave's Deviant Art collection ... so the actual value/uniqueness/cost of this book is a bit of a quandary which can only be determined by every individual.


So ... what makes LoopyDave's book so special that I forked out that much just to have one of the 46 page books, of which a good number of images I've already seen? Well, part of it is the support angle. The rest of it is the uniqueness.


There is no denying the quality of the printing, the sharpness of the art or the attention to detail of the colouring. What sets LoopyDave apart is his sense of humour. His ability to go beyond the caricature and go in to the scene; the event. There is an extra element in his comedic talents that marks him out.


He also has a particular talent for facial emotions, really bringing out the, "character," in the character, if you know what I mean, whether it be a human, a bull, or a set of snakes atop Medusa's head (which isn't in this book). He takes the known, and gives them a unique, "LoopyDave," twist.


Yes, being a male artist, he does have a certain appreciation for the female form; and I wish he could balance that up with a little more of the male form for his female fans ... but he only rarely slips in to the objectification; he manages to avoid going in to the lewd by giving the characters some form of power, or other form of respect ... like the good looking female gun slinger; leaning against the wall, using one hand to cover the, "wanted," poster with her face on it; the gun on her hip letting you know that she's someone you certainly don't want to mess with ... but nevertheless looking as hot as hell.


No doubt, my favourite is the image below, which is just a simple, low-res mobile cam shot of the page ... but gives you a perfect demonstration of what you're facing. The bent lip of the snore, the angelic look, and the puffed out, greedy cheeks.