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This is Moore's look at the various health services and I believe it is a very important film to watch from the viewpoint of being politically educated. Made in 2007 it lost the half star because I feel that Moore has focused on the more extreme cases rather than the overall state of the American system. (I also wasn't a fan of the anonymous donation; if he wanted it to be anonymous, he should have kept it that way.)


One thing that Moore couldn't inflate or misrepresent, however, was the link between the politicians and the insurance companies. The Nixon audio recording was particularly damning.


The principle feeling I get about this is that there is a fear in the US of socialism and a fear of the state taking over people's lives. However, there is a middle ground. Personally, I've got nothing against someone utilising their skills and abilities to earn money; but the question in my mind is why should they be allowed to tread on other people in the process? Indeed, trample society in to the ground.


There is a debate there that needs to be had, because there is certainly an element in American society of helping each other; even back to the days of barn raising!


Yes, Moore does make some deliberate jokes throughout the film, including trying to find a cashier in an NHS hospital, and walking up to Capitol Hill with a basket of laundry, but that doesn't detract from the serious points he is making.


I can speak from a personal point of view that I am someone who was in a lower position in life, and thanks to the NHS I am not only less of a burden on the state, I'm now in solid employment, paying my taxes and being an active contributor to society .. and if it wasn't for the community care we have (call it socialism if you wish) then this transformation wouldn't have happened.


One of the best things about this film is that people are willing to talk pounds, dollars and cents. That enables a viewer to get to grips with what's going on.


His final point about Cuba is an absolute stunner. There is only going to be one way for anything to change in the U.S.A. ... Americans are going to have to get angry ... that is, if they actually want anything to change.