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Creative spaces

For some time, I was looking at the odd spaces that companies provide for their staff. You know the sorts of things, areas where colourful bean bags are strewn around haphazardly, pinball and other games adorn the walls; all the things which we think of as the antithesis of a good, productive office. I wondered, "How the heck is anyone supposed to get any work done like that?"


That question was answered when I started to write creatively. I mean, here I am at my home office, sat in a proper fashion with my ergonomically positioned chair, my wrists supported on the keyboard and the tops of my monitors at eye level.


Yet here, I can't write openly. I have problems writing dialogue. Yes, I can fire off works like this, no problem. But when it comes to being creative, I have to take the laptop and head off to bed, or the living room sofa.


I still don't actually know, "why," only that it, "is." So the next time you have problems with dialogue, or describing a scene in your head, try changing it out. Swap the office chair for a lounger, or a bean bag, and see if it helps.