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Book three imminent

— feeling sweat

Just been corresponding with the publisher about the cover for book 3 in the series, "From The Cradle."


So far, every one of the beta readers has their favourite, and for different reasons. Somehow, I think Jessica's Book Thoughts will have, "The Companion," in her memory for something other than the contents of the book :-)


Book 1 had a sweet ending because it was only supposed to be one book, but feedback took it to a series of four and turned it in to a more solid story line.


Book 3 is probably my best to date in terms of work, because book 2 was where I took on board other people's suggestions (perhaps a little too much) and by book 3, I'd worked out a nice balance between my thoughts, and everyone else's.


"From The Cradle," is also the point where other people started to get more seriously involved. The beta readers realised that I wouldn't bite their head off on negative feedback, and colleagues stepped up to do editing work which, as I'm dyslexic, is a god send. I sometimes get the feeling that other people are more enthusiastic about this series than I am!


But with luck, next week will see, "From The Cradle," released and I'm perhaps more scared of that, than any of the others. Time will tell.


(sweat icon because I couldn't find one for scared.)