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My journey as an author has only just begun...

This weekend, I pull the trigger on "From The Cradle," which is book three in the four part, "Submissive Heart," series. (ie. hand it to the publisher as a finished script.) The Sci-Fi comedy, "Check Mate," should follow in another month. That will leave me July, August and September to finish SH book 4, "To The Grave," and complete the series. It is perfectly possible that I'd have published 250,000 words in twelve months while holding down a day job. That's the kind of thing that, if I wasn't already so close to doing it, would be on a bucket list of insane stuff to try and achieve.

Back in October, "The Companion," was only envisaged as being a single book on the subject and I had no vision of being this prolific. So what the heck happened?

One of my friends, on reading Companion, said that she thought I'd missed my vocation. Certainly now that I'm at the point of, "Check Mate," I'm getting feedback like, "Read the first chapter - hooked." It's a bit humbling when you start hearing things like that. Friends supporting you in the things you're doing is no surprise, but it was the intensity of what came back that made me stop and think, "Maybe I have got a little talent in this direction."

It's no surprise that, "Companion," was received as being reasonably well rounded. We'd been working on the film script on and off for a decade, so the characters and plot were seared in my head. Translating it back to a book wasn't much of an effort because of that, and someone who reviewed it stated that it played well on the cinema screen inside the head.

When that first raft of feedback came back, people wanted to know more. On top of that, I was given advice from various quarters. As it happened, there was more to tell about BDSM and our society so I drafted the other three books and started to work through what I'd been told.

"Leader," had a tough job on its hands. Firstly, it was my first time writing anything of length from the starting blocks. Secondly, in order to explore the points that I wanted it to carry, it had to step away from the main characters for a bit and some readers don't like that. It isn't a shock when people tell me that so far, book two has been their least favourite, but it is a necessary part of the overall tale. Indeed, part 4, "To The Grave," will have its obvious dark moments as well; but that is what the book captures ... real life. That's the story that is being told here. It's like watching over a field as the long-lived plants grow from seedlings, die and go brown, but then you see the fresh green shoots spring from the cracks in the earth.

However, when it did actually come to book three I had found my voice and had sifted through the advice that people had given me. "Check Mate," has also benefited from that; with someone else who pre-viewed the book writing, "Fast paced, no boring parts. Keeps you guessing. It's definitely a page turner. I can usually figure out the plot in a few minutes and you had me surprised by all the twists and turns. And I loved how you tied up everything in the end. No unresolved plot points."

October 2014 seems so long ago because even as few as nine months back I was a slightly different person with a very different outlook on where writing would take me. What the future holds? Who knows; but it feels like my future is now in the hands of others as they start to pick through the works and discuss them. I know that some people are waiting until book four is out; they want to devour the whole story as a complete work. So, it looks like even though the last few months has seen considerable effort hammering away at a keyboard, scribbling in notebooks, talking with people, testing techniques and starting to become involved in the community of the book-ish, that my journey as an author has only just begun...




For those who don't follow my insane ramblings, the first series is a BDSM story which is fed from my personal experiences. It consists of four books, "The Companion," "The Reluctant Leader," "From The Cradle," and "To The Grave."


With that series finished, I intend to move to other genres and explore a wider pallet. The first of those is a Sci-Fi comedy, "Check Mate."