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Author Thoughts - #1

Obviously, I'm going through this whole author thing, and I'm making mistakes which will probably see me wiped off the radar for the short term, so if you see these notes, you'll know that I didn't make it out alive. If you see my Mother, tell her I love her ... uuurrgggghhhh....


Seriously, though, you want to get your name out there, which will mean a few things...


1) Make your first novel or two something you can throw away; and I mean that. So many people advocate reading to be a good author. I advocate writing. A couple of 40,000 word-ish works will get your eye in; your pacing; your timing; you'll find your voice and your rhythm.


2) Consider tuning your first published works to the audience. Use these to start gaining a following. I think that my mistake has been to make my début, "vanilla," works a bit too niche, so people couldn't easily engage with what my first series was about. It caused enough of a question mark for people to pass me over in favour of more formulaic works which they felt more comfortable reading.


In other words, for all the talk out there that people want to read something fresh, something different, something that pushes the boundaries ... in practice, they don't.


If you're always going to be writing works that please a particular audience, then some of what I'm saying won't apply, but I had a message that I wanted to get out there.


Looking back on the last six months, it was easy to see how this happened. I only intended for the one book, really, before returning to writing the very rare book for a dedicated scene audience. It was people's feedback that convinced me that I had a talent for writing. That then coupled with people saying that they wanted to know more about the characters, and I decided to start on the series.


If I had known that the book would spark that kind of interest, then I would have, "dropped bait," to get the rest of the fish tank nibbling first, before dropping my hook in ... that's what I'm saying.


If I can pull myself out of this mire, it will be through subsequent books, like, "Check Mate," which is the single book sci-fi I'm working on, and later the, "White Wizard," book which is fantasy and much harder to write, but could expand in to a series. (you can read about those, here.)


If those take off, then maybe people will look at the back catalogue; but I've definitely put the cart before the horse here; and it is never good to have a member of the equidae family trying to eat your means of transport.