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Review - Indefatigable - J.B.Garner - 4 of 5 stars

Indefatigable - J.B. Garner

Book 2 of the Push Chronicles showed an improvement on book 1. The first action scene was easier for me to follow and I enjoyed it. Garner had slowed things down and better described the scene. However, when more characters were involved in later battles, I lost focus again and had to skip chunks.

It also came unstuck for me when there were things that went beyond the physical and once more dealt with issues a true superhero fan would have latched on to. eg. "We need a constant unbroken field." "Ah," the Indian psychic intoned. "Yes, I will make it happen." "Zounds, now I grasp yon intellect," ... I felt like sticking my hand in the air and saying, "Um, excuse me ... er... I don't! Can someone... um..."

Garner goes further here and takes the occasion to venture deeper in to the soul of humanity, starting to delve in to what we are and the reasons why we mostly fail to become who we could really be. While it is possible to opine that action is better suited to the drawing board, ventures of the soul definitely carry more weight when executed by a more traditional press, and Garner doesn't waste the opportunity to use the written word.

Yes, there were still a very few grammatical/spelling errors and odd words which were out of place, but that is nothing to be ashamed of and only provided the very occasional jar; certainly not enough to spoil the enjoyment of the book. This is definitely a more solid four star than its predecessor.