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Is Waterstones trying to close its shops?

I don't fully understand what Waterstones are doing.

Now, I admit that given the subject of my book and the timing of the whole thing, that I was stupid in the extreme to think that it would have gone viral. Yes, people have liked it (quite a bit actually) but, let's face it, I'm never going to hit best seller status on any of the important lists (and to be honest, given what I've read about them lately, I'm not sure those lists are all they're cracked up to be anyway, these days.)

I've got over my childish behaviour and I'm a bit more realistic about it now. I'm never going to take a selfie of me standing beside my books in a high street shop ... but I would at least expect to be able to walk in, present the ISBN, order the book and pick it up a few weeks later. Right?

Apparently ... wrong.

I'm getting 4 and 5 star reviews ... (well, there was one 3 star rating from someone who wanted more BDSM action, of all things!) ... and especially what with one vanilla blogger reviewer who isn't in to BDSM, saying things like, "Prior to this book and a limited others in comparison, I thought I had read everything there was to experience about erotic-themed books. Well, I will proudly admit to being wrong. Knight by far is an author that is willing to take readers on less traveled road within the content of such books." ... and ... "I literally could continue in my praise of both this book and its author, but instead I highly suggest adding this book to your reads for the year as it well worth the time to read it and see for yourself how wonderful this both and Knight truly are."

... well, my colleagues and friends want to take a peek, of course! But at the end of the day many of them are paper-only people, and you've got to admit that there's nothing like the romance of going in to a book shop and ordering something that's that little bit special, one because it's a little bit racy, but also because you know the author.

But that's being denied them ... and I don't know why. The book has been on their web site for weeks, but give the ISBN to shop and ... nothing. Not even on their system. I could give you the ISBN, but it would be absolutely useless to you!

Soon, the ship of romance would have sailed and all that would be left in its place is an empty mooring with the sign, "I wrote a book once ... honest!"