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A market ploy too far

Like all authors, I'm trying to get my book out there with all the others. Marketing ploys are always up for consideration.


Last year I saw people linking things like retweets and things, to amounts of money that go to charity. Like most people, I donate to charity myself. Yes, even an atheist, submissive, transsexual like me is known for getting cash to needy causes.


There are a number of charities that are off my list, though. The ones that spend the money I donate, on phone calls to try and talk me in to donating more. Firstly, this is a recession. I donate what I can afford so the call is wasted. Secondly, I donated so that the charity can do what it needs to do ... not spend it on marketing telephone calls. Those people usually never get another penny from me.


I also hate the people who come after you with the buckets for the spare change and a very, very few look at you like you're dirt if you don't give something. (Most are fine) I had a case once and it was a case that I'd already given £xx via their web site. Cheeky sods. That bloke nearly wiped that charity off my list as well.


I thought I would get a bit of my own back and engage in the same kind of marketing as others have done. As I sat there thinking, how much should I pledge? 10p per re-tweet? A £1? Set my usual donation as a maximum?


Then I caught myself. No. Charity donations aren't to messed around with. So I donated to the food banks and said nothing.


Well, actually, I didn't. I posted a picture of the donation confirmation on Twitter to make the point that I believe charity donations shouldn't be messed around with ... and then I removed it twenty minutes later. There's only a handful of people here, so I don't mind stating this. It won't go viral.


I guess I won't make it in the book writing world, because I'm not heartless enough to be an effective marketer. But you know ... I'm fine with that. Even BDSM submissives have morals, don't you know!